Shay Zanna

Shay Zanna - Vocalist/Songwriter/Lyricist/Shitty Tattoo Poster Child/"Huge Advocate for Doing Whatever the Fuck You Want"

Shay is a one of a kind singer with a powerhouse voice. She has been coined the "Throat Goddess" but it's definitely only because singing and nothing else.  She writes all the lyrics so when you listen to our songs just know she's in therapy and she's probably fine we think. Men are often confused by her as they cannot decide if they are aroused or terrified, but that's showbiz baby. She's really sorry for apologizing about apologizing. Hugging small men makes her uncomfortable. This is important. 

Her pastimes include collecting bones, rocks and dead things because she is but a goblin collecting her treasures. She also apparently collects "collab" requests for cheap ugly goth jewelry on Instagram.

But Who Are They?

Shay Zanna

Joel Merriman

Quinten Higbee

Brenon Savell