Thank You Billings!

We had such a great turnout and so many positive vibes at the 406 Pride Festival this year.  Thank you to 406 Pride for having us!

Join Us for 406 Pride 2024

It's a full week of Pride celebration in Billings. Then join us at 1 PM under the SkyPoint Saturday, June 22nd.

05.02 - New Single out Now!

Our third release - out May 2nd!

A lot of things had to work out for us to be here making music together.  The first thing happened on May 2nd. 

Inner Light Lyric Video

Words matter.

Recording Vocals for Using Again

We didn't need many takes on this night, Shay was feeling it!

Another New Song Coming Together

Shay came ready for 2024! We've got 3 new songs working and a sneaky new release on the way. 

We've been in the Lab  

We started a new song this week, second week in a row. Both are still kind of raw, it feels good to be making music again.

Our First Year 

We've had some great moments this year, we couldn't do any of this without the help and support of people who listen, the people who come to our shows, and all of the venues and bands we've been able to work with.

You Can Only Hear This Live

We have 2 songs released but there is more to us than that.  This playlist features several of our songs that you can only hear live.

We are booking Spring and Summer shows, so keep an eye here for new dates.

This site includes links to our catalog on all streaming platforms.

Listen to Inner Light Now

Listen to Irreverent Liar Now